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Earthtalent by Bolloré –

A dynamic NGO working for the purification of water in Moroni in the Comoros!

27 March 2020

Since December 2019, nearly 2,000 pupils in four schools in Moroni Bambao and Mbadjini have finally had access to drinking water and decent sanitary c...

Earthtalent by Bolloré –

Long-term solidarity commitment for BTL Mozambique : Human and professional training for the youth of Mozambique!

27 March 2020

In a tense economic situation, Bolloré Transport & Logistics Mozambique is supporting a project enabling local youth to improve their socio-econom...

Earthtalent by Bolloré –


4 September 2019

On May 6th, three ninth grade classes from the Chantereine secondary school of Sarcelles experienced a back-to-school day like no other.

Earthtalent by Bolloré –

With Bonheur de demain, on the road to Saly

22 July 2019

The teams of the Bolloré Group and Earthtalent by Bolloré have joined forces with the “Bonheur de demain” association to support young people through ...

Earthtalent by Bolloré –

Bollore committed to youth in fight against school drop with United Way Alliance

4 January 2019

United Way Alliance (UWA) launched its Youth Challenge program on November 9th in several priority education institutions. The Bolloré Group, along wi...

Earthtalent by Bolloré –

The bolloré group teams with Bonheur de Demain for a school in Senegal

20 December 2018

The association “Bonheur de demain”, created by Fabienne Tanières, collaborator of the Bolloré Group based in Toulouse, set up a "school equipment" op...

Commiting youth: a new ambition for the corporate sponsorship program of the Bolloré Group
Since the origin, Earthtalent by Bolloré has supported local initiatives contributing to the implementation of the United Nations Millennium Goals. In 2018, the program extends and supports youth.
Knowing to give back a share of what we received” is a value rooted in the Group Bolloré's DNA. Each year, the Group supports associations throughout the world mainly education and health

Since 2017, the Bolloré Group wishes to coordinate its social engagement in Europe and abroad toward a common objective: supporting youth. By involving all its employees on projects improving the social and economic situation of young people or responding promptly and effectively to humanitarian initiatives, the Group addresses the United Nations Millennium Goals.

The new Earthtalent by Bolloré platform is aimed at NGOs and not-for-profit structures supporting young generations’ empowerment in countries where the Group is located. As a response to the challenges facing young people around the world, the ambition of the Earthtalent by Bolloré program is to support projects having a significant impact both for the beneficiaries and the local communities.

Each project must encourage the Bolloré Group employees’ commitment in terms of time and skills. Our employees have always been involved in local NGOs work whether on a long-term basis or on one-time basis (health emergency situations, pandemics, natural disasters…).

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“Since 1822, the Bolloré Group is inhabited by a simple principle, knowing to give back
a share of what we were lucky to receive”
Cyrille Bolloré          
Deputy CEO of Bolloré Group

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Our selection criteria

Earthtalent by Bolloré has implemented selection criteria to qualify and select projects in accordance with the Group’s corporate sponsorship policy.

Proven social impact

Employees involvement



Reinforced partnerships


Social Innovation



 Your project will be considered if :
  • It is led by non-profit organizations whose purpose is general interest (local non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, community organizations, social enterprises, national or regional funds).
  • It takes place in one of the countries in which the Group operates
  • It supports youth through initiatives providing:

access to financial resources
education for youth
empowerment of youth
youth entrepreneurship

  • It supports exceptional initiatives related to local health and social emergencies: pandemics, natural disasters…
  • One-off actions not providing a sustainable benefit to the beneficiary communities.
Projects will not be considered :
  • All one-off projects (excluding humanitarian emergencies) that do not involve a partnership approach and do not allow a sustainable benefit to be delivered to the relevant communities (such as short-term assignments without a focus on sustainability, individual projects, the financing of specific events that are unrelated to programs supported by the Group). 
  • Any sport-related initiatives that are not related to supporting youth or humanitarian healthcare.
  • Projects that take place in a country where the Group is not located
  • Individual, temporary projects or events (galas, award ceremonies, solidarity runs…) 
  • Any initiative of a sectarian nature that is not in accordance with the Group’s values, its code of Ethics or is in conflict with the Group’s interest. 
A propos
Earthtalent by Bolloré, a rallying methodology between 2005 and 2018.
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In 2008, the international-scale collaborative program Earthtalent by Bolloré was founded to support solidarity projects contributing to local development unleashed by the Group’s employees. This program fitted in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals of 2008 about women empowerment. Thanks to the involvement of more than 1000 employees, 37 entrepreneurial projects have been supported in 18 countries taking into account their transparency and sustainability.
Contributing to the SDGs, especially those concerning the access to education (SDG 4) and a decent work (SDG 8) is the cornerstone of the Bolloré Group solidarity and its Earthtalent program specially revised to undertake this mission.

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